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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Happy Birthday Weston

One year ago today our family was made complete when our little Red head, Weston Ryan, was born!
4/4/2011:  8 lbs 6 oz 

Dear Weston, here's a little Re-cap of what you've been up to this past year:

*You have the most BEAUTIFUL Red hair, Everyone comments on it, even strangers will go out of their way to come up and say HI to you and talk about your hair!
*You have a love/hate relationship with usually don't have a problem falling a sleep or being put to bed, but you have only slept thru the night a handful of time this 1st year
*You look exactly like your Papaw Woods, in fact thats the 1st thing both Mommy & Daddy said when we saw you after you were born
*You LOVE your brother, Beckham can make you smile & laugh and you always want to know where he is & what he is doing
*You may be the "little" brother but you can definitely hold your own! You do not give in easily and you will fight for what you want
*You are a good eater! There really isn't much we've found that you dislike and if we don't feed you fast enough you are sure to let us know about it
*You are generally a good natured & happy Baby :) We received lots of complements from childcare workers that you are the BEST baby ever 
*You're a Big little're already in 18 months clothes
*You LOVE music, you have the cutest little dancey/bob motion when you hear a song you like
*You are all about faces, anytime someone new holds you the 1st thing you do is touch their face, you love to grab at Daddy's beard
*You have A LOT of teeth, you just got your 8th tooth & your 1st molar just this past week
*You love the slide, its really funny to watch you...when we place you at the top of a slide you scooch your little butt towards the slide and throw your hands up in the air with a big smile on your face

Weston it has been such a blessing watching you grow and seeing your personality develop. We thank God for giving you to us! I can't wait to see the man that you will become.


(we had some smash cake pics taken for Weston's 1yr. potraits)

While all our family was in for Launch Sunday this past weekend, 
we took the opportunity to celebrate Weston's birthday too!
Unfortunately sweet Weston was not feeling well
so he looks less than thrilled in this picture, but he really did
have a good time, he loved all his presents :)

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